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Self-Produced Plus Size Photos – Using a Camera Phone!

Not only do I create ASMR content but I also model plus size lingerie, clothing and swimsuits! But, being a one woman team it’s not exactly that easy to always get the shot. I’ve tried a lot of different set-ups over the last twelve years and until now, hadn’t found the perfect one.

I just bought a tripod set for my phone and one of the legs broke off on the second use! On the first use, a washer and bolt fell out from somewhere as well and I couldn’t find where from. So that was disappointing, but I went back to amazon to see what else I could find and there was another set-up with a different kind of attachment.


Instead of using a stiff neck with rotating head, this uses a goose neck which makes it so much easier to place the camera! I actually don’t use the stand it came with, and removed the light from the top to use on it’s own because it’s so cool. It has 3 settings, cool, warm and neutral which are great for trying out different looks. So, I keep the light plugged in nearby and use it as a beauty light when needed by placing it underneath me, like in my lap. I attach the goose neck to my bigger tripod and that alone makes this whole kit worth it to me! The extra stand I plan to use as a back up because you never know when you will need it.
Shop now and get the perfect solution for your selfies! It also includes a bluetooth clicker so you can take your photos without having to tap the camera! #ad #affiliate
The photos in this series were all taken using the set-up I described above.

I’d love to give you tips & advice for your own photoshoots along with recommending the products I use in my own. I love to help other ladies achieve success and reach their goals.


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