My Trance Inducing Visuals

One thing I love is to use pretty soft imagery, or contrasting stark imagery, to distract the viewer from all of the words being said. I find when you focus on imagery and fall in line with the visual show you are more open to the suggestions of the voice.

The visuals shouldn’t just be an overlapping layer of one visual on top of the other to get The Venus Sway effect my clips are well known for. Others have tried to duplicate the way I can visually induce a trance, and they make some really cool looking content doing so, but only I know the actual steps used to create MY style of clips.

The visual stimulation I use MUST included a puzzle OR pattern that the subconscious mind will pick up and react to, because then it is so busy interpreting this that it becomes much more susceptible to the guiding voice. Which is what you want, you want to be open to being guided because it is so healthy and important for all of us to step away from our own minds once in a while. That release is vital to your happiness!

These kinds of visuals aren’t just about layers. Don’t think you can understand fully the methods of The Venus Sway.

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