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Hello and welcome to ASMRPOSHY.COM!! I am Posh and I love to help others in many ways, but one way is with using my voice that I have been complimented on since I can remember.

My voice is said to be from HEAVEN so it is just what you need to guide you on a path to a grander and greater existence. My voice will bring you deep into meditation, where peace and relaxation are waiting to fill you up. By listening to my MP3s you will change your life, and you will experience a piece of heaven. I will bring you into a deep meditative state where you will be able to relax, release and let go of all negative energies. My voice is your pathway to a life full of deeper meaning because I am here to help break down your personal barriers and self-doubts.

Come in knowing my Mp3s and clips can only do so much as you need to be ready to invest in yourself, the way I have invested in myself and in you. Let go of the fear that holds you back, find peace with yourself, and improve your life with my helpful hands. I love to give people something special to hold onto and help them get through the stresses of daily life.

Guided meditation is a tool I love to use when creating MP3s for you to buy. Experience the life changing event of totally relaxing your body to the point where your mind is freed from that cage, and allowed to wander in Heaven. Heaven is different for everybody, but one thing is always the same. The feeling of peace, love and relaxation is indescribable for all that have reached this point of meditation.

exist in peace mp3 cover

Many people spend years studying meditation hoping to reach the point I am able to bring you to with just my voice. For beginners it will still take time to become proficient with meditation but my MP3s are designed to trigger your mind and help you reach that peak faster.