Ignite Her Fire

Here it is! Free advice from a woman for you men!!! Now, lets just start at the beginning. When you stop thinking just about you your life gets BETTER, and I think one area you men in general could use a little help is with romance. Look, even the most romantic men get it wrong, because of toxic masculinity.

And because it’s now not preferable to label ourselves as feminine or masculine for fear of offending someone we also have this confusion of ‘what is my role’ as a traditional/typical male/woman. The fact is we have to forget about labels, forget about roles, forget about making it about your identity.

DO WHAT FEELS GOOD. That’s it, it’s that simple. Follow the sensations and you will not fail. While in a male/female relationship you need to also follow this philosophy and do what feels good. Don’t over analyze and stress yourself out trying to create this perfect scenario to woo your lady. Instead, let the passion speak for itself. Women LOVE to know their man has a passion for them.

you can READ HER cues, you HAVE the ABILITY! Just focus on her instead of you.

We want to see the fire inside, that is what toxic masculinity has put a big damper on! See, now, you are afraid to show your emotions FULLY, in their true depth and also, you’re afraid to be too rough with a woman and end up accused of something. This all results in you giving out dulled signals!


Time to come out from the shadows and give a passionate experience to the love of your life. Her womanly primal side will awake in a way that you can not expect. When you stroke her fire with your own you are connecting with her in the most natural way and you will burn even brighter together.

You can start with the mindset that she is a woman that you want to devour and delight all at the same time, and speak it to her in low growls and whispers. But do this after giving her a lovely little gift of sexy lingerie, and telling her how excited you’ve been to see this on her. How you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since you placed the order.


  • It’s so important for her to feel safe and comfortable with you if you want her to have the best experience. Don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do, and follow her signals for speed.
  • Actually look for those signals, and don’t ignore them. When a woman is moving away from you it is because of discomfort, when she is moving into you it’s because of pleasure. Many times when women push away men pull back like it’s a game when in reality she just wants a second to breathe. Move to another area without being offended.
  • Don’t pull away and stop what you’re doing if she is enjoying herself, that is not the end for her. Women continue to experience pleasure to a peak and often times when they are just beginning to feel it men stop and ruin it! That is just as much torture for a woman as it would be for a man. When she is done she will push you away or say so.
  • Being a primal unhinged lover doesn’t mean taking whatever you want with disregard for her feelings. It is making her light up in a burning fire for you because of your fire. Use yours to ignite hers, don’t use yours to SMOTHER hers. Can you understand the difference?
  • When you reconnect on a primal level in the bedroom and let her see your passion and love it brings you closer in daily life, relieves stress and helps you to become a better couple.

Start with a gift of sexy lingerie for her. Make sure you make it clear that this is not because she doesn’t already turn you on but because she turns you on so much you can’t stop thinking about her in something so sexy.

This would look good on any woman, and a size XL would fit a size 14-18 which is the most common size for American women.

If you want something a little sexier there is also this pink babydoll, which I actually have! Imagine giving this to her and knowing she feels SO appreciated, wanted and needed by you.

This goes all the way up to a size xxxl which is like a size 20/22 so you most likely will be able to find one in your woman’s size!


IMPORTANT: REMEMBER COMFORT IS KEY!!! If she has insecurities you should gift the lingerie with a nice sexy lace robe as well. Don’t mention the insecurities, just include it and let her wear it on her own. Then, when she is comfortable you can slowly start to unveil the inner lingerie!


you become a better man when you open your mind and become aware of those around you, especially your special lady

It’s important to validate her when she does wear lingerie, but also when she does her hair, puts on makeup, wears something new, that is her song. That is her showing off her pretty peacock feathers. NOTICE. Don’t be a dulled down drone who doesn’t react to the flesh in front of you. NOTICE THE WOMAN in front of you and APPRECIATE HER. Do not just be another man who doesn’t know what he has in front of him.

When you notice her, you make her feel something she has been missing. Because life has gotten in the way. Because we’re all busy. Because once she settled into life with you, you and her felt comfortable enough that you forgot to do those things you would do when you first started dating.

Like spending time just kissing, touching, hugging, complimenting each other. Reconnect, show that you are still alive and still burning for her and she will light up like never before and give you something to be so happy and proud of. That is how a man handles it.

I know my method works because I have helped other couples to become more connected and in love. Including my long time client Fred whose wife just told him she has had the best connection with him now than the whole 29 years they were married. Now that is amazing!


Don’t Be Selfish! This isn’t about YOUR kinks!
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