ASMR Heavenly Whispers & Tapping – A Sample

I’ve been creating ASMR content under The Venus Sway brand since before it was even named ASMR! My hypno clips always included some elements of this practice and when I first started seeing the term around 2010 I felt an instant resonance with it. Being that I already had a strong brand with hypnosis I felt it wasn’t the right time for me to fully expand into ASMR so I only included it in some of my clips.

Now, I am happy to say I have a full catalog and library of ASMR clips waiting to be released to the public. To start with though, I have released just a small sampling onto youtube. Lets see how this does for Me!

ASMR Poshy beautiful and relaxing videos
I want you to get this gorgeous cape! I used it to create my witch/mythical vibe ASMR clip Heavenly Whispers. It was SO comfy that I wore it the whole day and walked around my house like a QUEEN!

Why don’t we wear these anymore?! It was so practical.

My goal with ASMR videos will be to inspire health and wellness from within the viewers, by sneaking my whispers past their subconscious defenses. I want to help you heal these underlying issues which are causing you anxiety and insomnia. I also want to help with self-esteem issues and push passion & a love for life into the hearts of the listeners.

I will be releasing full clips on Youtube as well as selling content directly here on my website for you to enjoy. You will also be able to find guided meditation clips and hypnotic music on ASMR Poshy.

I am also using this as a chance to show off my body positivity, plus size modeling photos. I want other women to see that you can be happy and confident in yourself and your sexuality at any size and in any shape.

Check my youtube, twitter, facebook page and IG for daily updates!



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